1.      Free manual fee on any purchase of pure gold jewelry (Dragon & Phoenix bracelets, gold gifts, gold bars, gold nuggets, 3D hard gold, 5G gold products and traditional gold not applicable);

2.      22% discount for designated jewelry items of inlaid ornaments;

3.      For those newly registered member of Sheng Fung Jewelry who spend over MOP3,000 can get a complimentary crystal jewelry;

4.      A complimentary jewelry item of crystal for the consumption upon MOP5,000 or above;

5.      A 30-day allowance of the free exchange of the jewelry items of the same type with the same value (promotion items exclusive)

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Recommendations from Seng Fung Jewellery(326 Av. de Almeida Ribeiro)

Introduction of Seng Fung Jewellery(326 Av. de Almeida Ribeiro)

Sheng Fung Jewelry is a well-known jewelry brand in Macau which has been established for more than 37 years.  It now has 8 direct selling stores in Macau. It has the company mission with three principles among the industry players: unified gold price, fineness of the jewelry and with proven certification. It is also the first jewelry retailer in Macau to provide certificate for each jewelry product. The brand has been awarded by the Consumer Council for many years with the honor of "Honesty Store" or "A-Level Honesty Store", which providing a variety of high-quality gold jewelry to the general public.


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